School day

The School Day

The school day starts for all pupils at 8.30am. We encourage parents to arrive at school at 8.20am to ensure a punctual start to the day.

It finishes at:

3.30pm for Reception;

3.35pm for Year 1;

3.40pm for Year 2;

3.45pm for Year 3,

4.00pm for Years 4, 5 and 6.  


Extended School Provision

In line with our commitment to supporting the needs of families, there is extended school provision each day, at a minimal cost, through a Breakfast Club and an After-School Club.

Breakfast Club is available from 7.45am until the start of the school day at 8.30am. Breakfast can be provided, if required.

After-School Club begins at 3.30pm and continues until 6.00pm. Children are provided with a healthy snack and drink as well as a range of activities including games, crafts and stories.