Richmond Award Scheme


The Richmond Award Scheme

Thomson House is pioneering a unique character-building programme guiding our pupils to develop skills, character and citizenship.

The Richmond Award Scheme is a new approach to enriching the experience of children who attend Thomson House School.  The RAS engages all pupils from year 1 upwards, to promote our core values of kindness, courage and curiosity.

The RAS has three achievement levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which children will work towards over the course of their primary school career. 

The RAS is:

  • Non-competitive
  • Designed for success and fulfilment
  • Individualised
  • Holistic

Through a programme of activities, many of which will fit into the curriculum, children will have opportunities to develop creativity, communication skills, confidence, resilience, determination, commitment, organisation, family and community spirit, curiosity, leadership and respect.