Reading at Thomson House School

At Thomson House the children will progress through Book Bands in their reading. Reading books are graded by difficulty by reading levels known as Book Bands. Each Band has its own colour.  This allows us to use multiple book schemes, and not be tied to one in particular.  We use a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds Phonics and Jelly & Bean.  

The order of the Book Bands (reading levels) goes pink, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, purple, white, gold, lime, and then free-reading.  

It must be noted that no child makes a smooth progression throughout their reading journey.  Children tend to learn in fits and starts - periods of growth, followed by periods of consolidation when their progress seems to halt for a while.  The periods when you don't see rapid progress may be worrying, especially after a 'growth spurt', but they are important as your child develops confidence in using and applying their newly acquired skills.  If you are ever worried about your child's progress, talk to their teacher.  

We strongly suggest that a child needs to be reading daily in school – to the class teacher or a member of the teaching support team. It is equally important that each child reads daily at home – to an adult with whom they can talk about the book.