How can you help?

At Thomson House School, we hope that all parents and carers will support us in our drive to provide outstanding learning opportunities for the children.

Parents and carers can help in so many ways, namely, by reading with your child daily, by making sure home learning is completed to the best of the child’s ability or by attending parent workshops so that you are part of the learning process.

In addition, many parents, nannies, au pairs and even grandparents volunteer their time by coming in to school and reading with children, going on school trips, supporting art activities, and doing cooking or gardening, or even running an extra-curricular club. When theme weeks are scheduled some parents have particular skills which are shared with the children, thus enriching their learning experience.

Parents may also choose to participate in our parental donations scheme which helps to fund the ‘extras’ for our school. However much you choose to donate helps to fund items like ipads, visits, workshops, resources and theatre groups.

You may wish to consider joining our Parent Teacher Association, FOTH (Friends Of Thomson House) which is a group of parents who organise social events and fund-raising events for the school. They have lots of fun and raise huge amounts of money for us in the process.

There are two parent governors on the governing body of Thomson House School. Being a governor is something you could do if you are interested in helping to grow and develop an exciting learning establishment for your children.

However you choose to help remember that a successful learner has a triangle of support from home, school and child!

We are currently looking for one additional Governors with a background in legal or property expertise. Please contact us if you'd be interested.