Outstanding teaching and learning is the bedrock of our approach. Thomson House considers its community of learners to include teachers, pupils and their families. Each Reception class will have a full-time class teacher and teaching assistant.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, enriched with components from other learning pedagogies we consider outstanding. Pupils will be given an excellent and rigorous grounding in the basics, which will allow them to learn confidently throughout the rest of their lives. Each child will have their own Individual Learning Profile that will track their progress throughout their schooling and provide a basis for continual target setting by pupils, parents and teachers. We are committed to small class sizes of no more than 24 pupils so that each child’s individual learning needs can be met.

We believe that young people find out who they are when they commit themselves to a range of academic, sporting, creative and service activities. By nurturing the individual talent within each child (and by celebrating excellence in pupils), Thomson House develops in its pupils confidence and love of learning, the motors to self-development.

Special Educational Needs and Learning Support

The teaching team will work in close partnership with parents, carers and outside providers in identifying and addressing the particular needs of a child and ensuring that appropriate provision is made across the school, including addressing learning difficulties and stretching children’s abilities through a gifted and talented programme.